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Test Demo Reel Test Demo Reel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This has solved all of my voiceover problems. I had no idea how wrong I was doing my demo until I heard this. THANK YOU, good sir; I think you just singlehandedly saved my career. :')

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Firework in an Elevator Firework in an Elevator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love you forever. This is going to be in my head all night at work.

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MMZX - Trap Factory MMZX - Trap Factory

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Enticing and original!

Though I've been a fan of the Megaman series for such a long time, I must digress in saying that I've not had the fortune of experiencing the ZX series quite yet because of monetary matters; however, I have always loved the often catchy tunes and powerful beats that the games are famous for having accompany them, and so I will more than happily take the opportunity to listen to interpretations of the music to see what may be in store should I ever finally purchase the game for myself.

That said, this submission has caught my attention in a way that few do; though it doesn't start off powerfully, the meshing of different "strains" of music work so efficiently together that it gives off that "jazzy" feeling of a labyrinth-based puzzle, yet still contains the more dangerous beats and slides that remind the listener that this place is not as safe as it may seem at first glance. Yet the most important concept behind Megaman music is that it needs to create an IMAGE; the song needs to be able to paint the scene that our hero is walking within even if the visual stage isn't being displayed with it. For example, the Internet (Densen/Global Area) song from Megaman Network Transmission very much gives the image of an expansive, hugely technological surf through the World Wide Web, and in that same fashion must the tones of fan-made songs represent the areas in which they reside. It is my pleasure, then, to inform you that this piece does VERY well to keep that important aspect quite alive.

I agree that your guitar solo was fitting for this song, but I don't necessarily think that it was the best aspect of this submission. In all honesty, my adoration for this song first came at :10, when the higher-pitched "slides" brought the technological perspective into the "dangerous mission" tone already set in stone by the segmented lower audio. The inclusion of the piano at :16 was a nice touch in bringing about the "maze" style of the stage, but in all honesty, the climax of this submission was at :44; here, the entire group of note strings, high and low alike, came together in the smooth flowing manner that is so ABSOLUTELY KEY to memorable Megaman songs, segments of songs that are hard to decide regarding which section (bass, main, or harmony) to sing, simply because of how the main notes carried the tune forward whilst the slides and pumps of the secondary audio added detail to it as it progressed, a forward but defined motion. Though some of the guitar solo took away from this at first and began to give it more of that hardcore rock "Megaman X" feel that I've found to take away from the authenticity of the music, it's inclusion into the "main flow" at 1:37 refreshed that Megaman feel and brought this piece back to being as enjoyable as it was in the beginning.

In the end, my tastes in music are defined quite simply by how it impacts my travels in life; if I can walk or run to the beat and enjoy the actual content at the same time, it's a definite keeper in my book. Your submission both contains the pace needed for a casual run AND the detail to envision the scene in which I'm running, and for that I happily inform you that this song shall reside within my iPod for me to call upon when needing that little bit of extra motivation to get myself to the next class of the day. Your work shows definite effort, as well as potential to become even more impressive as you better grasp the contours and personality of the song/music itself. I will definitely be keeping on the lookout for future work from you, my friend. Well done!

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Zero-Resurrected responds:

haha jesus christ thats a long review. Thanks sonicmega! check back later for my new stuff

Sadja's Soul Sadja's Soul

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A frequently delightful submission!

Imagine my surprise when, despite having heard this for the first time from my laptop speakers rather than the "ear"gasmic stereo headphones I normally utilized, I still felt the strong sense of adoration and appreciation for this musical submission that I do even moreso for now that I've had the chance to listen to it more closely. This piece is proof that not all songs need to be fast-paced and hardcore in order to be persuasive, moving, and beautiful.

In the hightlight area of reviewing this, I figure it's safe to say that the strongest part of your submission was indeed the portion heard most often in the Seppukuties flash submission; this is by far the most comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing combination of instruments found within the song, the base movement of guitar being complemented seamlessly with synthetic additives that truly mesh together to create an atmosphere unlike any other.

Regrettably, what keeps this submission from having a higher score is the latter half of this song, which I felt was a little lacking in its presentation compared to what was given at the start of the audio; perhaps a single additional instrument added to the mix, or even an addition made in the second half of the "second half" (if you understand what I mean) would allow for the buildup that would then nicely transition into the repeat of the Loop. Another point is lost for the hint of repetitiveness of this final section, leaving the listener wanting more (or at least, wanting more of what they had heard 30 seconds ago). Fortunately, this is where the criticism ends.

In short, we have both good and improvable aspects of a music submission here, but the section that does well TRULY makes itself stand out in terms of a unique and innovative creation; undoubtedly, this was the song that made the game or flash it was in more enjoyable, and I would love to see what else you can offer for people searching for that "just right" sound.

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ParagonX9 - Metropolis [8-Bit] ParagonX9 - Metropolis [8-Bit]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yet another wonderful piece of work.

Sadly, I can already imagine the SLEW of "It's Like Megaman!" reviews that will undoubtedly be left here, so it will be hard to leave a unique comment of my own for this purpose. The ironic thing is that I come to this song after having played Megaman 9 for hours on end.

As always, you manage to capture the spirit of the music genre that truly defines it in the end, a talent that will undoubtedly serve you leaps and bounds both now and in the future. The pure essence of your work may require a lot of motivation on your part, as I have observed from previous blog entries of yours, but nonetheless, when you finally do produce a new submission, I can always be guaranteed that it will set new standards for the music group it belongs to.

My only suggestions would be to make the bass section EVER so slightly more pronounced, or even have a section where you hear said bass stronger than the rest of the "tones" used, but this song as it is is still just as enjoyable as any other 8-bit tune I have come to know and love.

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Death of the Angel Death of the Angel

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Enjoyable song, but needs some improvement.

Generally speaking, I find it hard to elaborate too fully on the context of this song, as the note strings in general are rather unpredictable. That's not to say that this submission isn't enjoyable; rather, I simply find it moderately difficult to find a consistent pace within this song. I CAN, however, begin to visualize a rising "concern" in the hearts of the people represented in this song. In essence, it feels as though the song is describing a town's daily life, both through times of peace and through times of hardship and worry. This concept is one that you seem to be developing well, and one that you should very much reference and build upon in future submissions.

To be honest, I don't see this as fitting a depressive-insinuated scene as the "Death of an Angel" until the 1:10 position in the song, but even that only continues up until around 1:24, when it begins to fuse into more of a dialogue accompaniment between, say, lovers of royal standing, or a Sonic Adventure-esque departure. This sad tone, however, returns briefly around the 2:25 mark, so it's hard to pinpoint which is more prominent, the sadness or the more bright-sounding pieces. My suggestion, should you wish to aim for a more consistently sad piece, would be to opt for a deeper flute sound, as lighter notes on the flute are more often than not construed to be "exciting", "peppy", or otherwise.

If nothing else, the entire submission reminds me very much of an "encounter" in a Legend of Zelda-type game, more so of the cel-shaded genre which present Link's more cartoonish self. In fact, I truly feel that type of setting is where this song would fit best, although your personal opinion may differ more. In the future, try playing around with some bass instruments as well to add "secondary character" to the music; it's entirely possible to make it seem as though a conversation is going on without a single word being spoken!

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-Crazy Scientist- -Crazy Scientist-

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Off-and-On Enjoyability.

While I can definitely see this in a more casual (and perhaps even comic) setting of a scientific laboratory, I must admittedly note that the song itself is a hit-and-miss in terms of areas that really stand out an unique yet organized. Much of this is simply because of how long a particular section lasted, or how one piece of the submission transitioned into the other. While the song itself is certainly passable by all means, slight improvements could be utilized to better express the emotion this song wants to convey.

Perhaps the first notable "fix-worthy area" would be the length of the opening section; while the switch between basic notes and lower bass accompaniment is executed well, it simply lingers for too long before entering the next phase. I actually feel that had this opening ended and :15 and gone straight into the part at :21, listeners would have more likely been captured by the sudden but constructive change.

Albeit short, this submission DOES have its positive points to be heard. My favorite section out of the entire piece lasted from :33 to about :39, in that it sounded the most like that casual laboratory setting I mentioned earlier; once the higher notes hit afterwards, however, I felt a little desensitized, likely because of the sheer volume of the new notes that seemed to overpower what I was listening to before. Thankfully, the section beginning at :54 briefly returned me to that happy listening place, ending the song on a relatively positive note.

All that said, what remains is a little necessary cropping on the end of the song on your part, so that even as a song those of us enjoying it don't need to wait 3-4 seconds for it to replay after it ends. Nevertheless, it's not bad for a first submission, and definitely a nice thing for you to reference when working on future submissions!

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LuciousClump responds:

Holy Moley that's one duzzy of a review
Well thx SonicMega for leaving a review (More like a mini-novel)
And, Yah I did also feel like it has it's on and offs , but for a first submission
I feel proud of it and yah that loud buuu sound is a little overpowering I might fix that 3-4 second thing at the end soon , but right now I'm tired and wanna go to sllep soon so Bye

Scapping Vibes Scapping Vibes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A battle of substantial proportion!

I simply must applaud your ability to create such a wide variety of music in a relatively short period of time, as I know MANY musical artists who only seem to reign in ONE or TWO types of music as a maximum; you, however, seem to hold a rare mastery of the very CORE of musical talent that allows you to propagate a wide variety of emotions and influences into your submissions. This, my good sir, is a quality that you should cherish as long as you live, because it will allow you to meet the demands of today's listening populace in a way that few others can.

On to the song.

I already must give you a high amount of respect, as the opening to your song had me hooked from the very beginning; being a person who prefers to enjoy his music through the magic of stereo headphones, I am lucky enough to be able to hear EVERY tone that comes out in a song, and from the moment this submission began my foot found itself tapping along without my consent. The progressive bass was also a very nice addition as well as a great transition piece that provided a new perspective on the song.

Perhaps my only qualm about the piece as a whole is that the section beginning at :43 could have used a bit more difference from the rest of the song, by which I mean the overall impact could have actually been SOFTER; this would have provided a powerful interlude that nevertheless seemed a break from the hectic action, eventually bursting back into life for a final thrust as the song comes to a close.

As I write this final paragraph, the song is cycling through for the 3rd time, and I can honestly say that I have not tired of it in the least. Imagining the flash and game possibilities only adds to the excitement I already generate from being subjected to this piece.

Well done, my music aficionado. Your effort has earned a place in my favorites list, and a name to remember when I am looking for another song to enjoy.

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shadowmana responds:

Thank you for the review. The only reason I did not change the tone or the volume of the song was because the person I made the song for did not want any part to be soft and slow, or let up in the least. I do feel like I could've changed a bit at some points, but then again I don't feel I can change the song.

I will take all of what you said into consideration the next time I write, which should be soon!

Brass City Brass City

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great Composition, Moderate Execution

I find this a particularly interesting submission to review, mainly because I find myself pushed to both ends of the spectrum by the listening experience I obtain from hearing it; at some points, I am actually very aware of the "feel" behind the music, more than happy to tap along physically; at other points, however, I get a repetitive feeling that begins to whittle away at the emotion that has been built up from my previous statement.

The beginning of the song is definitely enegerized in terms of the musical "current" flowing through it, but your first set of notes (what I like to refer to as the metallic "bow wah wahs"), although enticing at first, quickly become the center of attention despite the addition of subsequent accompaniments. Perhaps something that would have aided in immersing the listener would be to have had this first sound fade away at a certain point in the beginning, such as the :30 mark in my case, so that the listener can be engulfed in the new array of sounds. Other than that, much of this section was fine in its presentation, setting aside any volume concerns that can be fixed anyway with a lowering of the volume bar.

One thing I DID like about this submission was your inclusion of the new sound around the 2:02 mark, one that very richly captured the Industrial atmosphere of the song. This was definitely the most fitting part of the submission, and as such left the song on a good note. Keep in mind sections like this for future submissions similar in sound, for those are good-sounding pieces to include for a refreshing section of music.

In comparison to other songs such as Dreamland (Club Mix), this could be considered an improvement, most certainly in the department of using multiple layers of tones successfully. Still, there were some parts lacking in the "meshing" together of notes into a single entity, suggesting that work could still be done to refine this piece. Keep working at it, and I'm more than certain you'll figure out what I mean, if not through sudden discovery then by trial and error. Practice makes perfect!

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Mexifry responds:

The difference between Dreamland (Club Remix) and Brass City is Brass City is an original. I really have trouble composing secondary lines, which make them repetitive and is my major downfall. I feel finished with this piece, but maybe someday I'll get back to it. I really am glad I branched into a style I have never attempted before. I get what you mean by the fade away.

Thanks for the review!

[MG] It's Under It All [MG] It's Under It All

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Definitely an.... interesting sound!

I'm not quite sure where to begin with this review, as there are some varying aspects that I want to touch on that are rather different from one another; whether this clash is something to be admired or noted negatively is a fact that will be viewed differently between listeners, but nevertheless it's important to elaborate on what I can.

One of the first concerns I held about this song was the tempo that you were going for. I found myself, unfortunately, confused as to whether you were going for a 3-count or 4-count beat, based on your opening sequence. Harder still is the point that I was unable to determine which of these two it was even by the end of the song. Perhaps that is my fault, but it would have helped this submission to clarify that through the music a little better.

The voice, however, was a wonderful accompaniment, one that I praise highly for its inclusion in this submission. The voice was soft, melodic, and very fitting for the atmospheric context you were going for. Clear, crisp, and quality is all I can say to define this portion, and I would not mind seeing something like it again in future submissions.

The second point that hurt you, however, was the overall simplicity of the instruments used. I understand that emphasis wanted to be given to the singing voice in this piece, but the composition itself was lacking in any real depth. It sounds harsh, but there wasn't a lot of "umph" to the background tune.

All that said, this piece showed some promise, albeit a slightly less-than-stellar performance. Some key points were done well, others not so much, but the submission still holds that unique edge that's important to keep intact. A decent attempt, but one that could be improved.

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MexicanGun responds:

Woah, looks like you really took your time at reviewing.

Thanks, for your feedback, man. I really appreciate it.