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Street Fighter Chode Street Fighter Chode

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Grease grease grease grease grease grease grease :D

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Pokemon: Pee Red Version Pokemon: Pee Red Version

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

An excellent way to end a parody series.

Lon, I'm pretty sure it's no surprise to you that I had an absolute blast voicing for this, even despite how long ago it was, but I am even more impressed and proud that this project finally came to a result and was able to be posted on Newgrounds, because it means all that effort didn't go to waste. And not simply effort on my part either.

I can already clearly tell from this submission that you put tremendous amounts of effort into each scene, making sure transitions were clear, jokes (such as the Pokemon moves) were subtle but effective, and although it dragged on a little longer than most people would have liked, I personally like how you both wrap up the story AND give good reason for there not to be a sequel to this, considering the hero of the story became AN HERO (Oh god, I'm including memes in my own reviews. Please ignore that one.)

Though the VA side of myself wishes some of my voices had been better, I know I still absolutely adore Oak, Joy, and the entire energy behind the others, and I truly cannot thank you enough for your consideration and your request for me to participate in this project. Undoubtedly, it will remain one of my favorites.

As for the critical side (and why this review doesn't earn you a 10), I do have to point out the occasional blip here and there that took away from the otherwise engaging submission - Potion Guy's line was a little too soft to hear clearly without loud volume, and of course sound quality on lines was a factor, but I also understand you likely had to deal with that in order to fit the filesize that you managed. Lastly, the length of the flash, although hilarious, DID drag a little towards the end, and perhaps one less joke might have shortened it enough for it to be acceptable; but hey, it's a finale, what are you going to do, right? :D

All of this said, I'm really glad you could close this chapter of your flash career while still giving us a *lot* of reasons to laugh, and I can only hope you'll keep me in consideration for the projects you do in the future. Guaranteed, I will give you 100% of my energy and enthusiasm in helping make them memorable.

Kudos to you, sir. ;D

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OrangePylon responds:


sonicmega, you embody what NG is about. You are a fantastic voice actor and therefore are well endowed in both your Flash and Audio departments. You post on the BBS regularly and leave nice, constructive reviews like this one. Everything you do, you do right. There's no way I wouldn't want your voicing talent, and hell I'd be an idiot to not consider you for my next projects.

Now to respond to the criticism since you were so kind as to leave it. ^^

Gah, I hate those flickers. I know how to avoid them for future projects, so I'll work on that next time. :) I don't know why the potion dealer's lines were so soft... I blame the voice actor!... Oh, wait. :3 My scripts often are too long, and I always bite off more than I can chew (released by February... ha!) and I can always go on and on. I had plenty of material for the first and second towns, but I obviously chose not to write it since I was pushing it already.

Thank you for your mighty kind words! <3

Megaslap Megaslap

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Haha, this absolutely made my day.

Imagine my surprise to see that MONTHS after making the audio comic with Hathor-Liderc, that someone would feel inspired enough to make a flash animation out of it! You have no idea how much this brightened up my day, sir.

From a professional standpoint, I will comment on the artistic representation of the emotions portrayed by the characters and say that some improvement could have been made in accurately portraying the "sadness", "annoyance", or other expressions implied by the lines themselves, but in terms of making the scene believable you definitely did above average. One of your most notable sections here is in Dr. Light's facial movements during his mini-rant and especially during the "P-H-D" section of the flash; these really amplified the tone of the voice through the use of visual representation and added quite a bit of humour to what was otherwise a static line, and this is the essential component of successfully bringing an audio-only piece to life through Flash animation. Simply stated, you had areas that were lacking in "finesse", but the core idea is still very much present.

From a personal standpoint, I was quite overjoyed to see something like this pop on Newgrounds, especially after the amount of time that has passed since we first released this audio. It always brings contentedness to my mind to see that the creations of one have led to the inspirations and interpretations by another, and I'm quite pleased to see you using outside sources to continue your flash work. While I don't know if I'll be able to keep up to date on what you create in the future, I nonetheless wish the best for you in only getting better and better from here.

Wrapping it all up into a smaller paragraph, this was a solid submission that, while undermined in some aspects of visual delivery, nonetheless was quite enjoyable to watch and clearly made with effort to make the scene original despite the actual joke being "borrowed". Thanks so much for sharing with us! :D

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The-real-iceman responds:

well quite some time had passed since the time you guys first created the audio file and the time i found it, one day while browsing the audio portal i just happened to type in vgcats and up came yours :P

but yeah it took me a while to get this thing done, though Megaman's parts have more frame by frame then some of Dr. Lights parts

but like you noticed the "PHD" section was one of the scenes that didn't require any "eye candy" to deliver the emphasis of that statement

thanks for the splendid review and thank you for doing the voices to begin with :D

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Where's Derpy? Where's Derpy?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simple and effective. I really don't know what else can be said about this, but this is one of the few 'find and click' games I've played on here that I actually enjoyed. My only suggestion would be to add Medals for progress achievements (

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pepperpunk responds:

Thanks! I normally can't stand find and click games either, so the challenge for me was to make something that I'd actually enjoy playing myself.

I'll have to see how popular the game gets before adding medals, I'd definitely like to add them. :)

[ Morph ] [ Morph ]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What a fresh idea!

After droning on endlessly through the plethora of single-screen "collect 'em" games where your only reward is seeing how big your character can it, I must say it was nothing short of a pleasant surprise to experience the magic of [ Morph ]. The innovative game mechanics, as well as the essentially different playing experience each and every time I start a new round, more than suitably amused me for a great deal of time.

Perhaps what I most appreciated about this was the fact that multiple "changes" could be stacked on top of one another for added difficulty and frustration; whereas many might complain that this makes the concept too complex, I actually really enjoyed worrying about whether the next score doubler would end up turning my screen sideways while I was already trying to deal with a slippery moving screen. Yet the challenge of surpassing these screens was not the only thing I gained a large amount of enjoyment from, for I was also quite dazzled by all the well-crafted "types" of screens such as "Game and Watch", "Cartoon", and even "Paper Vision".

Though simple in execution, you've managed quite well in creating a game that I WANT to beat my best score in, a source of entertainment I likely will return to more than once as the situation allows it. Well done, Ockam!

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Ockam responds:

Thanks a lot, it's very motivating to add more new mode on this game :)

Frantic Frantic

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nothing short of a heavenly reward.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about my discovering this game was, and I mean this as fully as possible, the fact that not 12 hours ago I had been sifting through various Youtube videos of Japanese top-down shooter games such as Mushihimesama and Touhou, wishing that I could have myself a challenge as significant as the bosses so often referred to as "IMPOSSIBLY FREAKING HARD" within those vids.

Enter Frantic.

This game in its entirety was simply nothing less than a fulfilling answer to my prayers. The moving mechanic itself was easy enough to maneuver, and yet a steep learning curve forced me to quickly learn techniques for preventing getting hit. The bosses were simply outstanding, as it was a chance for me to try and replicate the very awe-inspiring dodge sequences the Touhou players are known for. In fact, save for Stage 8, I managed to beat every boss in the game without being hit once. Trust me, it was nerve wracking.

The "bonus card" screen was EXTREMELY well employed, and I found myself often having to think about what power-ups I ACTUALLY WANTED/NEEDED instead of just rushing through and purchasing the next upgrade. While I think less experienced players might have had a better time with 5 slots for power-ups instead of 4, the strategy involved here nonetheless was priceless.

An excellent game lies here, one that I will undoubtedly play multiple times in the future, both for new combinations of powerups and for attempts to beat that 8th stage boss without being hit. While the difficulty may not be the exact same as those infamous games I mentioned, it comes extremely close.

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Test Demo Reel Test Demo Reel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This has solved all of my voiceover problems. I had no idea how wrong I was doing my demo until I heard this. THANK YOU, good sir; I think you just singlehandedly saved my career. :')

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Firework in an Elevator Firework in an Elevator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love you forever. This is going to be in my head all night at work.

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MMZX - Trap Factory MMZX - Trap Factory

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Enticing and original!

Though I've been a fan of the Megaman series for such a long time, I must digress in saying that I've not had the fortune of experiencing the ZX series quite yet because of monetary matters; however, I have always loved the often catchy tunes and powerful beats that the games are famous for having accompany them, and so I will more than happily take the opportunity to listen to interpretations of the music to see what may be in store should I ever finally purchase the game for myself.

That said, this submission has caught my attention in a way that few do; though it doesn't start off powerfully, the meshing of different "strains" of music work so efficiently together that it gives off that "jazzy" feeling of a labyrinth-based puzzle, yet still contains the more dangerous beats and slides that remind the listener that this place is not as safe as it may seem at first glance. Yet the most important concept behind Megaman music is that it needs to create an IMAGE; the song needs to be able to paint the scene that our hero is walking within even if the visual stage isn't being displayed with it. For example, the Internet (Densen/Global Area) song from Megaman Network Transmission very much gives the image of an expansive, hugely technological surf through the World Wide Web, and in that same fashion must the tones of fan-made songs represent the areas in which they reside. It is my pleasure, then, to inform you that this piece does VERY well to keep that important aspect quite alive.

I agree that your guitar solo was fitting for this song, but I don't necessarily think that it was the best aspect of this submission. In all honesty, my adoration for this song first came at :10, when the higher-pitched "slides" brought the technological perspective into the "dangerous mission" tone already set in stone by the segmented lower audio. The inclusion of the piano at :16 was a nice touch in bringing about the "maze" style of the stage, but in all honesty, the climax of this submission was at :44; here, the entire group of note strings, high and low alike, came together in the smooth flowing manner that is so ABSOLUTELY KEY to memorable Megaman songs, segments of songs that are hard to decide regarding which section (bass, main, or harmony) to sing, simply because of how the main notes carried the tune forward whilst the slides and pumps of the secondary audio added detail to it as it progressed, a forward but defined motion. Though some of the guitar solo took away from this at first and began to give it more of that hardcore rock "Megaman X" feel that I've found to take away from the authenticity of the music, it's inclusion into the "main flow" at 1:37 refreshed that Megaman feel and brought this piece back to being as enjoyable as it was in the beginning.

In the end, my tastes in music are defined quite simply by how it impacts my travels in life; if I can walk or run to the beat and enjoy the actual content at the same time, it's a definite keeper in my book. Your submission both contains the pace needed for a casual run AND the detail to envision the scene in which I'm running, and for that I happily inform you that this song shall reside within my iPod for me to call upon when needing that little bit of extra motivation to get myself to the next class of the day. Your work shows definite effort, as well as potential to become even more impressive as you better grasp the contours and personality of the song/music itself. I will definitely be keeping on the lookout for future work from you, my friend. Well done!

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Zero-Resurrected responds:

haha jesus christ thats a long review. Thanks sonicmega! check back later for my new stuff