Entry #1

Wow, lotsa new stuff

2007-07-17 16:39:45 by sonicmega

Well, Tom and Co., I have to hand it to you, you certainly pulled a hefty prize out of all your asses, and it's a pure delight. I'm still getting used to all the new bling and blang of the place, but overall it's definitely a better look for the site...

I only wish I had been able to keep my portal reviews (Or did I? I'm still finding things out) and other stuff that may have gotten lost, but with new beginnings come new opportunities, so I'll just have to ride this gigantic wave of... well, newness.

Congratulations, all of you, really. You've made a large majority of NG proud. NOW the regulars can talk about the "Good old days" for once!


EDIT: Nope, reviews are still there. yaaaaaaayyyy!


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2007-07-17 20:44:50

sonic you have the internet now? yay, maybe we can finish that "thing" I talked to you about :) And seconded, much newness!

sonicmega responds:

Not really. Mostly just using the Library when I can sneak the time in.


2007-07-19 20:28:45

Still, a whole lot of bugs in the site though, like for example not being able to put a review on flashes.

Also, hi! =D


2007-07-20 10:27:32

Ah, remember the good ol' days?


2007-07-20 10:28:54

I like the new layout and all, but I think there is definitely room for improvement.
Such as fixing the forum so there isn't so much space between every topic, making the height larger for signatures and getting rid of level 36. Still, it's nice to have a change every now and then.

sonicmega responds:

But... but... 36 is DOUBLE my level right now. You CAN'T!


2007-08-04 01:13:41

Daddy fucked me up the balls.

sonicmega responds:

I'm sorry to hear that. may I recommend a good lotion?


2007-08-04 23:31:31

You pissed of the Revird people some how. Not sure what to say!?

(Updated ) sonicmega responds:

Actually, Adam and I are having a delightful conversation over AIM. And CapinKrinks is inviting me to join Revird. The movie was stolen anyway, but we've resolved it :3

What's your MSN/AIM, by the way?


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